July 2007 - In a week of blue skies in Portugal, Traxu take stock of their coverage of the Medal Races for the ISAF Sailing World Championships, July 9-13th 2007 in Cascais

On-line visitor numbers:

2,453 people watched the Laser Medal race on 10th (click here for replay)
3,775 people watched the Ayton/Robertson Yngling shoot-out on 11th (click here for replay)

Click here for the Traxu ISAF Worlds page showing all tracked races and associated information

Mark Richards, Director of Traxu, commented 'it is not over yet, but we are pleased with how it has gone so far given the weather curve-balls and occasional management misunderstandings regarding ribs and marks. Devices on the Stars and Yngling performed above expectation given that they are fitted below decks in both classes. Friday will be a challenge with three races to cover and a contract for two sets of devices but I am sure we will work it out!'

The only real performance issues relate to marks, with broken mounting locations and un-briefed rib operators leading to inaccuracies beyond Traxu control. Within Traxu control, one boat device had a total drop out (possibly manoevre/conditions related) and four others had periodic cellular re-connects. A shore lap-top expired in the heat and was swopped out mid-race, dedicated shore based internet connection in the International Broadcast Centre was poor on day 1 but quickly identified as a London traffic issue and resolved for day 2

Traxu devices being used at Cascais are designed for on-line spectator purposes, weighing 105g, mobile phone size, accurate to 3m with positions updated every 5 seconds over the cellular phone network, in tandem with a browser refresh every 7 seconds (so as to work on low spec computers with standard internet access)

At Cascais Traxu are currently in discussion with various teams to provide sub-metre products and associated performance metrics for training and Olympic campaign related commitments

Also not to be overlooked at Cascais, Traxu positions are being used for 3D graphics as part of the TV broadcast

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