Traxu has a number of applications for competitive and recreational sailors

If you are managing an event then consider how Traxu can help with accurate course laying, OCS detection and notification, safety boat positioning and assisting with competitor tracking and rules enforcement

Picture left shows start post device on Committee Boat as ISAF Worlds, Cascais, Portugal, July 12th 2007

The Traxu playback mode can be used for tuition and performance analysis aswell as off-line review of incidents

Each unit (from 0.105kg, 75x45x25mm) transmits a unique identifier aswell as its position which can be synchronised with other data sources (such as sailor information, results packages, audio and TV)

Continuous live ranking and other race information can be shown in 3D graphics alongside the tracking screen and integrated with audio and TV to attract more visitors (and sponsors) to the virtual racing arena