SB3's Downwind
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Welcome to tracking of the second Volkswagen Touareg King of Cowes Championship on Friday 1st August 2008

32 class winners from Skandia Cowes Week 2007 battle it out in Laser SB3s in 3 races to win a selection of prizes including a VW Touareg

Courses are two short windward-leeward and one 'round the cans' with no discards - all to play for! For more information on the event see

  Racing is shown LIVE! or in replay if after the event

11h00 Race 1 - for replay click here (actual start 11h25)

12h15 Race 2 - for replay click here (actual start 12h55)

13h30 Race 3 - for replay click here (actual start 14h35)

NB. Devices used for this regatta were accurate to 3m, positions sent every 21 seconds (boats) or 45 seconds (marks). This is to try to ensure that for these particular devices batteries last for the duration of racing whilst not adding any extra weight (105g). Boats are fitted on the dock at Shepherds at 08h00 with a third race start of 13h30 anticipated. Internet browsers for LIVE! positioning refreshed every 7 seconds so that the spectacle could be viewed over any standard connection. Attachment position is on the port stern rail, endeavouring to have clear vertical access to the sky. Mark position accuracy will vary subject to size, movement and attachment position of marks selected with some Solent Marks being used as manually entered GPS positions

User information for 2D Traxu viewer: use the controls on the top left to centre and zoom (which can also be done with the mouse). Replay speed and place in the recording are adjusted at the foot of the screen. If you arrive in the middle of a LIVE! race, current positions will display first with historic positions loading in the background. Boats can be highlighted from the screen or the menu to the right

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