Traxu provides small phone-sized devices which can be followed on a website or a dedicated player in real-time

The devices can be shown on their own or in comparison with other Traxu devices using the Traxu web-player

Traxu devices are stand-alone and self-powered, currently weighing upwards from 0.105kg including batteries and with a battery life of between 1-21 days subject to frequency of transmission of position. Current minimum device size (battery and capability dependent) is 75x45x25mm with built-in antenna

Traxu devices use GPS (satellite) for positioning information and GPRS (phone)

GPS antenna are also sensitive enough to be fitted below decks on a boat or inside a van without loss of position

All devices can be configured remotely thus removing many administration difficulties and minimising battery size

Current Traxu applications include SAILING, EXPLORING, CHILDREN, ASSETS and PETS. However, the list is endless - if you can attach a device to it then you can track it!