July 2007 - Skandia Sail For Gold Regatta is around the corner again (19-23rd September 2007) and this year it looks like it will surpass all expectations in terms of how sailing events can be run and reported, at Weymouth the 2012 Olympic venue

Traxu is privileged to have been selected as tracking partner, further to its successes at the inaugural Sail For Gold Regatta in 2006 and accounting for its subsequent product developments. This year Traxu will be showpiecing its sub-metre Race-TraX devices with positioning shown LIVE! on TV and interactive 3D on the internet

Race-TraX units will be precisely fitted to boats in a 'pit lane' whilst media interviews are conducted. Crews will then launch and tracking positions will be beamed to shore along with camera and audio feeds from micro cameras. The positions will drive the 3D animation package which will be mixed in by the TV Director as a LIVE! camera, with TV output encoded for viewing on the web immediately afterwards. Each race will also be viewable in interactive 3D on the internet, with live ranking and OCS information linked in to TV footage

Rob Andrews, RYA Event Manager and Event Director commented 'the sailing and media programmes are both progressing well at this stage. The public will be able to engage with exciting and educative views of sailing at all levels via the web or TV'

Traxu will also have some of their 2cm Race-TraX devices available for boat tests

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