October 2006 - with just a few days to go we can look forward to the following from Traxu at the Sail For Gold event in Weymouth:

Sat 14th day - workshops on the future of tracking, including:

- 2cm accuracies
- 10 transmissions per second via GPRS, radio or satellite
- devices fitted below deck with battery life over 21 days
- devices fully controlled remotely
- OCS detection and notification (simultaneous to boats via buzzers or lights)
- sustainable pay per view options

Traxu will also be showing a heat live (probably 49er), for use in the evening session (see

Sat 14th evening - tracking party for competitors, including replay of a heat from the day with tactical analysis from coaches and sailor feedback

Sun 15th, finals day - Traxu are covering 3 finals, likely to be the 49er, Laser 1 and Laser Radial (to be confirmed) - live tracking and replays will be shown on There will also be a live audio commentary provided for the racing (by Airwaves) from a RIB on the water

For sailors, organisers, spectators and sponsors this is going to be a historic event!