Traxu's current pricing model works as follows:

Devices can be rented on a time period basis with a matrix price ranging upwards from £50 per week - there is a minimum charge of one week even if a device is only being used for one day

For example, someone using a device for a charity cycle ride for one day updating its position every minute would expect to pay £50

On the other hand several devices being used in flying competion for two days with an update every second would expect to pay £120 each. These prices are provided as a guide only

At the time of order a deposit is taken as security against each device or use of devices underwritten against accidental loss or damage. Deposits are then returned on receipt less any data transmission charges (if GPRS or satellite transmission is used). GPRS charges amount to an approximate maximum of £3 per day (if the device is used for 8 hours giving a position every second)

All devices are fully configurable remotely